Brush Lettering Bootcamp: PART 1

An online 6-week guided program that transforms complete beginners into skilled brush lettering students.

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You will learn:
  • Ideas for products and services to offer - there are so many possibilities, and we've tried them all!
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  • Where and how to sell your work - some sales channels work better for certain products than others, and we'll tell you all about it.
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This course is not open for enrollment.

Brush Lettering Bootcamp Part 1 is the complete getting-started guide to brush lettering.

We're talking the VERY basics, like what a brush pen is and how to hold it.

We answer the questions we already know you're going to ask - because WE asked them too.

We even created a module on trouble-shooting common problems. And for the left-handed letterers, we include lefty tips throughout the modules, plus a whole lecture just for you.

We are going to spend six weeks guiding you through the course, giving you individual feedback and coaching you to make sure you're on the right track to succeed.

We created Brush Lettering Bootcamp because it is the course we wish we had when we were starting out.

The best part? It's all in one place, so no more scouring the internet or bookmarking a bunch of different sites. With this system, you can easily track your progress and not miss a single step in your journey.

Week 1: Getting started

  • What is brush lettering
  • Brush pen overview
  • Thicks, thins & guidesheets
  • Fundamental strokes
  • Before picture

Week 2: Lowercase alphabet pt.1

Week 3: Lowercase alphabet pt. 2 plus troubleshooting

  • Combating shakiness
  • Creating consistency
  • Transition from thick to thin: Right handed
  • Transition from thick to thin: Left handed

Week 4: Connecting letters

Week 5: Capitals

Week 6: Numbers & Punctuation

Bonus Week

Course wrap-up and final piece

Coaching will take place in a private Facebook group and include twice-weekly live videos, live critiques, individual feedback, and bonus tips & tricks. Moving through the course together will help keep you accountable, encourage a sense of community, and enhance your learning experience and results.

Please note that this course is completely online. No physical product will be shipped to you. You will have lifetime access to the materials.

Self paced option:

BONUS: After completing 6 weeks of the course, you will have the lettering skills needed to sell your work. But having the business skills, knowing how to price, finding your audience - that's a completely different skill set. When you enroll in our course by February 12, we'll show you both in our exclusive webinar on how to earn a side income with your lettering.

This course is not open for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. This includes replays of the live video trainings, plus access to the Facebook group!
What if I have already taken a brush lettering class?
Well, unless the class you've taken was online, you probably only kept the worksheets and pens you received. With this online course, you will have lifetime access to video lessons that you can re-watch as many times as you need - even months from now. You will also get 6 full weeks of supplemental training and instructor access within a private Facebook group, where we will conduct live video trainings and give you feedback on your work.
What if I cannot attend all of the Live videos? Do I still need to join the Facebook group?
If you cannot attend a Live video in the group, you will be able to watch the replay (as many times as you need). The purpose of the Live videos is to answer questions that arise as you are going through the pre-recorded lessons, and to critique work that has been uploaded into the group. So we may use your uploaded photo as an example in the live video and point out on your picture how to improve. Even if you aren’t there live, you would be able to watch the critique and use our comments to improve.
Do I have to share pictures of my work?
One huge benefit of the Facebook group is that you can upload photos of your work each week (or however often you would like) and we, your instructors, will comment on your work with suggestions for improvement. You can access these comments at any time. You will have peers going through the course with you - so you can see their progress, and maybe they will have a “light bulb” moment that will help you. Plus you can give each other even more feedback for another perspective.
Do I have to buy a bunch of expensive supplies?
Unlike other hobbies that require you to invest in a bunch of fancy, costly gear, all you need to get started with brush lettering is a brush pen and smooth paper. Yes, that’s it! We have a complete getting started supply guide uploaded to the course with specific recommendations for brands of pens and paper that work best. If you already have some supplies and you aren’t sure if they will work, feel free to send us an email so we can help you out: [email protected]
Is there a self-paced option if I am busy during these 6 weeks?
You bet! Find the info here:

Here's what people are saying about Brush Lettering Bootcamp and our teaching style:

Jillian and Jordan are absolutely wonderful teachers. They break everything down for you and make it easy to learn. Their feedback is always helpful and constructive while being kind.

- Mindy, Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

The best thing I ever stumbled upon last October was Jillian & Jordan's Brush Lettering Bootcamp. When I saw all the modules and heard everything it included I knew I couldn't go wrong. Knowing I had access to the videos forever and could go back over them sealed the deal for me. Jillian and Jordan are so incredibly organized and I love that!! Whenever I email them I hear back from them immediately.

Every student has an album and all of my work goes in my album. They give me feedback on everything that I submit - sometimes it is all good and sometimes they suggest things to work on. Also, there are many, many live videos they do throughout the course, which just adds to all of the wonderful modules they have. Needless to say, I obviously chose the right bootcamp for me and can't wait to see how my calligraphy continues to improve over the rest of the course.

- Donna, Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

The course structure has been beneficial for me so far. It has been logical and a great layout of building my skills. Jillian and Jordan have been helpful, receptive to my feedback and questions, and very driven to meet the needs and questions of the students. It’s apparent in the FB group for sure. I am happy that you make updates to materials (providing more guidesheet options, mini workshop access, and capital how-to) and let us participate in live videos that we can replay.

- Ashley, Brush Lettering Bootcamp student

Oh my goodness!! I started trying to learn hand lettering just about a month ago and have taken various skillshare courses, watched a ton of you tube videos from various instructors and purchased several practice books. This week, I found you and purchased the Intro to Hand Lettering packet from your etsy store and have watched the first 6 videos. This is the BEST method for learning HOW to actually letter. I am so excited and feel like I've made more progress in the past day than I've made in a month."

- Marilee H, Intro to Brush Lettering Online student

Jillian and Jordan are wonderful instructors! They are very experienced not only in the brush lettering itself, but in the teaching aspect. This means everything when you are trying to learn something new!!"

- Laura C, Intro to Brush Lettering in-person workshop participant

Jillian and Jordan beautifully hosted, taught and coached us! Their tips and methods are crafted in a way that it makes it easier to follow and remember, and want to practice and perfect the art of lettering. Now to just find time to practice and create more pieces.!"

- Nichole S, Intro to Brush Lettering in-person workshop participant

These ladies know what they're talking about! This is a great instructional book, even for a total beginner like me!"

- Laura P, Intro to Brush Lettering Online student

Your Instructor

Jillian & Jordan
Jillian & Jordan

We've helped hundreds of students just like you transform into confident lettering artists. You can do it too, promise.

We were beginners just a few years ago so we completely understand the struggles of starting. The course was designed with those obstacles in mind!

Start your lettering transformation today. We can't wait to see how far you go.


Is this course right for me?

Brush Lettering Bootcamp is for the aspiring letterer who is serious about learning, is willing to put in the work and understand the "why" behind the letterforms, and wants to learn how to improve, the right way. This course is perfect for complete beginners.

If you are just dabbling in hand lettering for a moment but you'll be ready to move on to the next DIY hobby by tomorrow, then this course probably isn't right for you. No hard feelings though, okay? You can always come back when you're ready - the course will be waiting for you.

Remember how we told you that we were beginners not long ago?

Here's our before & after:

In 2015 we knew that we had potential, but we didn't know how to improve, we were frustrated, and we felt overwhelmed by the resources scattered all over the internet.

Does this sound like you?

We've spent over 2.5 years studying the art and compiling all of the best tips so that you don't have to waste time. You can copy the strategies we've developed and start seeing results in a matter of weeks.

You'll have your own before & after picture WAY sooner than you think.

This course is not open for enrollment.